Help & Information

Anyone who has died from multiple myeloma may be listed here. If possible, we would like to have:
  • The name (long middle names may have to be abbreviated)
  • The name of the person who asked that the name be added (can be anonymous) or a name offered by an appropriate third party)
  • The relationship of the lister to the deceased
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Date of death
  • Age at death
Ideally, the lister should be the next of kin, but we don't insist upon it (e.g., wife of/to, husband of/to, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandmother, etc.). We use "friend" or "companion" for listers who do not want to reveal the nature of their relationship to the deceased. Many famous people are listed here although none of us know them personally (no lister's name is shown). We have even listed people whose names we do not know (see the last section of the list). We try to list everyone we possibly can.

It is possible to link the name to a tribute page, an obituary, or a photograph. All we need is the URL (web address) you wish to have associated with the name. If you do not have a way of putting a photograph on the web, email it to us and we will host it on Picasa.

We regret than we must limit the information shown to those items listed above.

To be sure that the listing is correct, we will notify the lister after the listing is posted. We generally respond to corrections, if not instantly, then as soon as possible.

If anyone reading the list discovers an error in any listing, please notify us and we will research and correct it as needed.

All comments are moderated to ensure appropriateness.